Rules for SLAPZI


SLAPZI is all about speed! Be the first to get rid of all five of your picture cards.


Everyone is dealt five picture cards, which they lay out in front of themselves. The deck of clue cards is then placed in the center, face down.


1. Any player flips over the top clue card and places it in the center.

2. Everybody quickly looks at his/her picture cards (both front and back) to find a picture that fits the clue card. (For example, if the clue card reads, “It’s round” players could slap down a picture of a Basketball, the Moon, a Coin, etc.)

3. The first player to slap one of his/her picture cards on top of the clue card gets to discard that picture card.

4. A new clue card is flipped over and play continues.

5. The first player to get rid of all five of his/her picture cards wins the game!  (That should get you going. And below are a few more things to keep in mind.)


If a player slaps a picture card on top of a clue card, but the majority of the players don’t think it fits, then that player has to take back his/her picture card AND take an additional picture card from the deck as a penalty. (For example, if a player slaps a picture of a Bunny on top of a clue card that reads, “Can fit five in your pocket,” that’s not a good fit.)

There are two SLAPZI cards in the clue card deck that act as wild cards. Whenever a SLAPZI card is flipped over, players may grab any one of their picture cards and slap it on top of the SLAPZI card. The player who does it first gets to discard that picture card.

The image on the picture cards is the image that counts. For example, let’s say the clue card reads, “It’s mostly blue.” If a player slaps down a picture of a red suitcase and claims that they once saw a blue suitcase, that doesn’t count.


Instead of having players flip over the clue cards, one person can play the role of THE MIGHTY SLAPPER. THE MIGHTY SLAPPER’S job is to be the official clue card flipper, reader and judge (in case there are any disagreements). THE MIGHTY SLAPPER is a position of great honor, respect, and laughs.

(This is also a terrific way to play when you have younger children)