Ready for the BUILDZI Challenge?

Round up your BUILDZI blocks, use the cards below, and try building some of these wild, crazy towers.

Some of the towers are really tricky to get balanced just right. Some of the towers are super-tall skyscrapers. And some of the towers use all 32 blocks.

But one things for sure, they’re all lots of fun to try to build!


They’re not impossible to build, but they’re not easy, that’s for sure.
Good luck!


Every bit as challenging, but just a little bit taller.

All 32

Yep, that’s right, we’ve used all 32 blocks in these towers. And yep, they do make a very loud noise when they all come crashing down!

Get Creative & Share!

Try creating your own super towers, send the photos to, and we may just post them on social media.