The SLAPZI Story


A few years after creating the dice game TENZI, Kevin and Steve were itching to come up with a new game. But this time they turned to their families for some help. The kids could pitch an idea, and if it had the same simple, fast gameplay as TENZI, Kevin and Steve said they would seriously consider making it.

Kevin’s son, Collin, was eager to take up the challenge. He was fresh out of college, and creating a game seemed, well, easy. He figured, “If my dad can do it, anyone can!” So he quickly whipped up a game idea, brought it to Kevin and Steve, and…they shot it down…in flames. They told Collin that his idea was too complicated and that there wasn’t enough energy to it. In short, it didn’t fit the formula that made TENZI a success.

Collin was bummed, but he was enjoying the challenge. It turns out making a simple game was anything but simple! He kept thinking about it, rolling ideas around in his head and on paper, but he didn’t love any of them. One day, he imagined a speedy card game that rewarded creativity and quick thinking. He called his dad and Kevin really liked the idea, offering a few tweaks to make the game even quicker. Steve was up next. By the time Collin had finished explaining the game, Steve had already come up with a bunch of new ways to play.

The last thing they needed was a name. Collin suggested calling their new game “SLAPZI”. Kevin and Steve gave the thumbs up, and here we are.

We hope you have us much fun playing SLAPZI as we had creating it!