The great thing about roads is they all lead somewhere. Even if you’re not sure where you’re going, you just might end up someplace pretty neat.

One afternoon Kevin and Steve were driving to a trade show to sell more of their TENZI, SLAPZI and ITZI games, and had three hours to kill. (A little personality background here might help. You see, Kevin is the talkative type, whereas Steve is more the wish-he’d-stop-talking-and-let-me-just-drive type.) 

As they sped down the road Kevin said, “A friend of mine mentioned a game her son played in school that had something to do with numbers.” Steve nodded his head and mumbled a non-committal, “Huh,” knowing that Kevin would continue on. Which of course Kevin did, “It goes like this…” he said, explaining the idea more fully. “Huh.” Steve repeated, hoping to end the one-way, dead-end conversation. And for a little while it did. 

Some quiet miles went by before one of them offered up, “We’d need to change the game to make it more fun.” “Definitely,” the other agreed. In another few miles, one of them mentioned the idea of matching cards. “Yeah, finding pairs works,” said the other, “because we could also have pairs of dice too.”  “Roll a pair, find a pair,” someone said. “And we’d call it PAIRZI,” responded the other.

And just like that, in a matter of miles, Kevin and Steve had arrived somewhere they never intended when they first started out – at a simple, fast, fun game called PAIRZI. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Kevin and Steve